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“Nothing brings me more pleasure than to write a review when it is well deserved.  Although I do not write eloquently, I hope you get the point!  Let’s begin with how we met Frances….through a free trial Spanish class.  She wasn’t my first free trial so I was expecting the usual…”let’s go through the colors, numbers, etc.”  NOPE!  Frances was engaging!  Frances began talking to my 8-year-old son and getting to know him.  That made him super excited!  As she asked my son questions like, what is your favorite sport, movie, and more…she was also speaking Spanish.  She was excited when he answered and he felt heard.  

During the other free trials from other online Spanish tutors, no one got to know my son.  They went straight into the lesson.  My son was super shy and didn’t understand completely what was being asked of him.  However, Frances first got to know my son.  He was so excited and never once got shy.  He WANTED to answer her questions and learn!  After all, Frances had a sword too!  

Moving onward we decided to buy 10 lessons and we were pleased. My son loves everything and anything that has to do with firefighting.  You could tell that Frances took the time to tailor a special class for my son.  In fact, all 10 of the lessons were based around firefighting.  Imagine the surprise on my son’s face when lesson one began with all terms regarding firefighting!  How exciting!  Frances taught him the basics, read from an English/Spanish kids book about firefighting and my son was hooked!  My son’s favorite part was playing BINGO with her.  He was EAGER to play and, oh, by the way, he was learning Spanish

We have moved on and bought more classes!  My son is truly enjoying his lessons and I can tell Frances enjoys it too.  She starts each class with today’s date and weather.  Then she moves on to her lesson.  Frances uses English/Spanish books that she reads, as well as workbooks that my son will read and write.  Yes, we still do BINGO and other games.  He loves earning his stickers.  And since she is virtual, my son will get a Hershey’s kiss for every sticker he earns just to bring the classroom rewards into our home.  He’s eaten a lot of kisses!

I have personally written emails to Frances asking her questions regarding the lessons and she replies back quickly.  She is intuitive and super helpful.

Frances also provides supplement paperwork that you do not have to print, but I do.  It’s super helpful to not only have her online presence for 25 minutes, but to have the Spanish lesson continue on with fun games, reading assignments, or other forms of homework.  Listening, clapping, reading, typing and more!  It’s all there!

Oh and just so you know, I am a Puerto Rican.  I do NOT speak Spanish fluently but I feel I am learning as well and am enjoying it.   It’s a win-win!” -Vanesa Brock, Colorado
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